Designing and coding the monthly sports digest for Latin America


ESPN Magazine is a monthly digital sports publication distributed through new stands in the App Store and Play Store.


The team designed, coded and distributed the magazine in an app format working with LBO® Liberomedia. The app was served to all Latin American markets in both app stores, with Colombia an Mexico getting a special curated edition with special content for each country. Working seamlessly on image production and programming made posible amazing and engaging results.

Working not only on image and content production but also on programming made possible for amazing results. From planning to executing, the project represents what integral design means for us.


The idea of having content being organized in response of what the execution and real distribution was taken into account as a result of the study of previous magazines, and improving the way content was shown was at the cornerstone of the project itself.

The magazine was distributed for tablets and mobile devices, both having horizontal and vertical versions to adjust to the viewport’s orientation. In total, 4 versions for each magazine were produced on a monthly basis.

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