Pushing the limits of e-commerce and creating a lab like experience for online shopping.


Flowen is a luxury fashion and accessories brand based in Los Angeles and Miami. They’re otherworldly products required and otherworldly online shop, which we worked closely with their team to deliver. And we did.


Creating jewelry pieces imagined from the combination of nature and art, reaching unforeseen levels of sophistication, the product variants outgrew the total number of products to a number of 24 to 1, so the main focus was how to bring that to life without showing the products all over again with small variations. In order to achieve this in an engaging way, the team came up with the “make your product” version of an online shopping. The product is presented with all the variants, and the user gets to select which variants it includes in the final product. Requested by the client, this process had to be visual.

The platform evolves on each user interaction, making the selection process engaging and interactive with special animations, therefore guiding the user into the selection process.


Obsessed with the PHI and Golden Ratio, the screens that made up the rest of the shop were drawn up respecting this ratio.


Thus the position of the logo, and the on screen elements that worked when the header remained fixed on the top of the page. For the collections section of the shop, a grid of thirds was used on desktop to prioritize the products viewing, always keeping the Flowen aesthetic.

With a clear aesthetic in place, the animations followed up to complete visually the desired experimental mood that Flowen is based upon.


The team worked closely to work the animations and animating the content using the distinctive golden ratio division, as seen on the menu, main slideshows and side cart navigation. These were re designed for mobile views, in order to make the animations full use of the vertical viewport that mobile devices offers.

The final project is still in development, but you can check the animated website below. We always have the view online option at the end of our projects, but we do encourage this time to view it.


Adventure Date

2017 — 2018

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Working on a new identity and website for the largest Data Stack company in Latin America.


Retargetly is the largest independent Data Stack company in Latin America. They approached us with the need of a new identity fitting for their plans of global recognition.



Focusing on brand identity at the core of the project, the main idea was to establish a clear direction for the company’s intentions. In order to discover what they wanted their brand to look like, first we needed to define what was the brand at it’s core. We’ve worked closely with Retargetly’s team to achive an identity that was truly theirs in focus groups that made everyone a part of the new identiy.

Created with Sketch.

Once the main drafts for the brand were drawn, we invited the whole Retargetly team to make their own version for the logo, and also create a tagline for the brand that was truly at the heart of what Retargetly stands for. Not too technical, not to intangible, that was our goal. At the end of the exercise we’ve made and established the main concept:

The re-branding included the website as well, for which we designed and coded. Working seamesly betweeen code and design, we were able to maintain the design standards set.

Adventure Date

2017 — 2018

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Mad About Soccer

BA Pub Crawl

Getting that Buenos Aires night life feeling throughout graphics. Party taken seriously


The Buenos Aires Pub Crawl is a bar hopping company established in BA since 2007. Due to growing competition, they approached us to help them create engaging content for users and to promote their 7 day round party.


In order to make the voyage successful,  we decided that the company needed refreshing content to engage travelers and locals, and a new online platform that was user friendly in order to increase online event subscriptions.




The account presented a special challenge: how do you promote every day events without becoming spam? Engaging content was a must if younger audiences were the main target.


In order to connect with young audiences, the need for proper language, graphics and captions had to work seamlessly together, creating not only fun, but smart content.

Twice a month the company hosted special themed Pub Crawls, and for each occasion design systems were drawn.


These were implemented in social media— Cover, Profile and Post photos —, on the website and offline in A3 posters to be distributed in carefully researched hostels through Buenos Aires.

With the content in motion, the final step was to prepare the website to round up what the ads through social media encouraged the users to do: sign up for the Pub Crawl events.


The page seamlessly leaded users to know where the pub crawls where at the moment, with the possibility to sign up with a simple pop-up that had 2 easy steps to complete the registration.

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